I’m Alice.

Some may say I do, indeed, live in my own wonderland.
One where I believe that people are good, I have hope for this world and for the future, and strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet.
I like to adventure - to travel by myself to new places and old places, to stand at the edge of very tall things, to challenge myself to live outside my comfort zone.
I like to contemplate and philosophise, a lot. I simply enjoy finding meaning in things, because I believe our best shot at making our lives as harmonious and peaceful as they can be is by understanding them as best as we can.
I like to be with my friends. Perhaps that seems like a given - that’s what makes them my friends. But my friends are truly my family. The fondest memories I have are of the simplest days, cooking a hearty, nutritious dinner, made with love, and playing cards and charades with full bellies under the light of the moon.
I enjoy expressing how all these experiences make me feel and sharing my ponderings and the wisdom I encounter through creative means. Be that through podcasting, creating videos, writing, or simply being an open and bright creative energy in real life; I hope to bring light and to connect with people in everything I do.
You can learn more about me and my life here.
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